Easy DIY Fall Leaves Potted Topiary Tree From a Tomato Cage

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Now that September is here, you can think about your fall decorating diy ideas and projects to do. Once the weather starts getting cooler, there are all sorts of fun ideas that you can do to get ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving. And this DIY idea and project to do is just the thing to get you started, in an easy do it yourself craft. The good news is that this diy idea uses things you might already have around the house. For starters, you will need a couple of tomato cages, which you may have just taken out or are getting ready to take out of the garden, after a harvest of tomatoes. The tomato cages along with some fake fall leaves and a couple of urn planters will transform the entrance to your house, and get you ready for the fall season ahead. You will want to take a look at the Thrifty Artsy Girl site for the full step by step tutorial for this do it yourself craft.

Some of the materials that you will need for this do it yourself craft fall leaves garland with enough to cover your tomato cages, one or two urn planter and some clear Christmas lights. Once you bring the tomato cages in from outside you can start this do it yourself craft. You will start by placing the tomato cages upside down onto the urn planters. You may do this step and realize that the tomato cages on the urn planters may be too tall and the bottom hoop is a little too large and slides past the lip of the urn. The good news is that there is an easy fix to this problem. Depending on how sturdy your tomato cage is you can pull off one of the hoops, some tomato cage hoops will pop right off, while other might require a bit more work. You can then set the tomato cages on top of the urn and start wrapping your fake fall leave garlands around them. After all the bending and the breaking, you can set the tomato cages onto the urns to see how they work. As soon as you put the tomato cages on top of the urn, they will start to look right away like topiary trees which are the look that you are going for.

At this point you can gather up your fake fall leaves garland. You will want to have enough fake fall garland leaves to wrap around your urns, and depending how many urns you have that may take quite a bit. For the do it yourself craft on the site 12 sets were purchased at Walmart for $36. If that seems like a lot of money, you can start off doing one, and add another one next year. If you purchase your garland and find that you have more than you need, you can always return some of them. You really want to make sure that you have full leaf coverage on your topiary trees. Start by wrapping the fake fall leaf garland around the tomato cage. You can tuck the ends in so the fall leaves will not unravel. Keep wrapping and tucking. When you are finally done, you can grab a couple of strands of clear lights from the Christmas lights tote, and carefully wrap the lights around your topiary trees, turn the lights out and enjoy your beautiful DIY project.

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