Easy DIY to clean your garbage disposal!

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Garbage disposals are wonderful for getting rid of unwanted food scraps, but they can get smelly fast. For those times when it becomes unbearable, Rachel, the author of One Crazy House lifestyle blog, has a solution that will freshen up the scent of the disposal fast, as well as clean the blades. Cleaning a garbage disposal will never be so easy once you see Rachel’s easy instructions. She employs a few home cleaning products to freshen the smell, and even uses a few pieces of leftover fruit that were about to be wasted. Her house cleaning tips use entirely chemical-free products, too, which are safe for you and your family.

To start, Rachel uses some leftover citrus fruit that was in the refrigerator and about to go bad. The benefit of the citrus fruit comes primarily from its rind because it is strong enough to clean the blades of the garbage disposal. If you find cleaning the blades particularly challenging, using the citrus fruit will seem like a dream come true. You won’t have to risk cutting yourself on the blades by doing a more detailed cleaning because the fruit will clean the blades for you. If you love eco friendly cleaners, you will also be happy to know that Rachel mixes the citrus fruit with a combination of vinegar and Thieves household cleaner. Vinegar is an environmentally safe cleaning product, with a good acidity level which helps sanitise areas in the home. For the best results, purchase a cleaning vinegar, which has a higher acidity level than cooking vinegar. Vinegar is an excellent choice if you are looking for non toxic cleaners as well since it is safe for people to consume. While you may not have heard of Thieves household cleaner before, it is an environmentally safe, plant and mineral-based cleaning product, and safe in the home as well. The vinegar, Thieves household cleaner and citrus get combined in an ice cube tray to create the best natural homemade cleaning products. When these are ground into the garbage disposal, they will freshen up the scent and clean the blades.

You may not be a fan of using vinegar for cleaning because of its strong scent, but the smell dispels quickly. The smell of the citrus and clean-smelling Thieves household cleaner help cover up the smell of the vinegar. If desired, however, you can add some essential oils to the cleaning mixture before popping them in the freezer. Despite the scent of the vinegar, you will be sure that it will sanitise your garbage disposal and get rid of the odour in there.

Although this cleaning mixture should be safe for you and your family, it is best to keep it out of contact with the ice cube trays you make ice out of. Using an old ice cube tray is ideal for making these cleaning pods, and then you can pop them out, place them in a labelled Ziploc bag, and store until ready to use. Thank you to Rachel, the author of One Crazy House lifestyle blog, for sharing her method of cleaning a garbage disposal with us.

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