Easy Donut Holes

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This easy donut hole recipe also known as a Zeppole recipe that you might not be familiar with, or at least, not yet. They are essentially a donut made with some pretty nice ingredients. A zeppola (the singular form of the word) can come in a lot of sizes, but is usually a generous four or so inch round of dough. The dough (or donut, really) is deep fried and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. It can also be filled with a range of fillings including custard, jams, jellies, pastry creams, and so on. The texture and taste of the doughnut can also vary considerably from a light and choux like texture and lightness to a much heavier and more dense consistency similar to bread. Anyway you make them, though, they are a delight to eat.

In this recipe, ricotta cheese contributes a very unique flavor and texture to the donut. Ricotta has a slight graininess to the taste, and that becomes emphasized when you bake with it. It contributes great flavor, and wonderful moistness to any dish where it is found. So these sweet treats will have a nice flavor to them. Zeppole are traditionally served on the feast day of St. Joseph and is sometimes called, St. Joseph’s Day cake, for that reason. In Italy, where this lovely snack comes from, this cake is often sold on street corners on this feast day or even given to friends and family, and so on, as gifts on that day. What a lovely tradition.

So you can partake at least in the making and sharing of this lovely snack even if it is not the traditional day of celebration. They are quick and easy to make, and will be lovely with your tea this afternoon. Little helping hands can sprinkle on the sugar coating at the end, and they might even be able actually to make it up, but you decide! Be sure to invite friends for tea today!

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