Easy Dutch Apple Pie

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Pastry baking is an exact science and as with this recipe from Kate you will discover why. That being said never get discouraged with a recipe that calls for everything to be made from scratch.It can be part of your easy pie recipes but it might take a few times making it before that. The secret to making it a part of your easy pie recipes folder lies with the fact that you must read the instructions diligently and never waver from the amounts requested in the recipe. If you follow that design then all your pastry baking recipes will be great.

Don’t ever be frightened by a recipe that calls for you to make everything from scratch. This can actually be a great thing since it will focus you on the task at hand and will sharpen your recipe reading skills to elevate you from a novice baker into the ranks of the master baker’s realm. Never feel anything is to hard since you must always take each recipe and break it down to its basics and once you do that you will realize each step is a building block to the next one.

Pies are always a great way to include any fruit filling your heart desires. Apple pies are usually the first choice since there are so many great recipes for them and apples are a cost efficient fruit that is loaded with nutrients. Apples and pie are akin to peas and corn; they just naturally go well together. Apples have been with us since the earliest records and way before anyone decided to document them. There is also a tall tale about Johnnie Appleseed and his never-ending love of apples. Kate’s recipe can be made with gala or braeburn apples and many different spices than just cinnamon. You will usually find apples paired with cinnamon or nutmeg but you can be the last word on the spices you like. You can substitute the nutmeg and cinnamon and add honey or even ground ginger. Yes ginger it will give your recipe an added kick and the fact that ginger is excellent for digestive issues can be a great thing since anything that gives your digestion a boost is always a welcome addition.

If you decide to make this recipe from Kate then you can always buy a premade crust and this will cut down on your time and you can also purchase canned cooked apples and with some subtle changes such as these you can have the process down to 1 hour. Even if you decide to go the whole route and make everything from scratch always remember that cooking and baking should not feel like a task but it should always be something to help you to relax. Baking is definitely much more difficult than cooking because of the preciseness of the measurements but take your time and enjoy the process. Thanks to Kate of Tasty Season Blog for this yummy Easy Dutch Apple Pie Recipe and bon apetit.**

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