Easy Fudge Buttercream Frosting

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Easy Fudge Buttercream Frosting is a classic recipe that produces a fabulously smooth and creamy, hard to resist, chocolate frosting. The blend of butter, sugar and chocolate is entirely sublime, and hard to beat with any other flavor combination. Some how, that blend, reaches right down to our toes in pure taste filled pleasure. It is a frosting that works on almost any kind of cake; in fact, be sure the cake is up to the standard of the frosting, if anything with this recipe!

The key to a good butter cream frosting likes in two things: great ingredients, and an electric blender or mixer. It is almost impossible to beat in enough air by hand to get the lightness and creaminess that an electric blender or mixer can achieve for you. You are better off making a simpler icing or glaze if you do not have the blender or mixer that is required for this frosting. When you beat the butter and icing sugar together you need to beat it for several minutes until it is quite light. Until then, do not add the milk or chocolate. This first step is important to get right. As well, be sure your chocolate is only at room temperature, and not hot enough to melt the butter and sugar blend when you add it in. Finally, add the milk a small amount at a time, so that your frosting is as thick and rich as you like it. You do not really want to have to add more icing sugar to thicken this dish. Of course, remember that the frosting will get much thicker if it is put in the fridge.

This is a lovely and classic chocolate frosting made with butter and icing sugar and real chocolate. Save it for those desserts that really need a rich and decadent topping. This one will not disappoint. Enjoy it soon.

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