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If you adore the crunchy texture and sweet, yet complex taste of classic toffee, this easy graham cracker toffee recipe will become a favourite in your house. Rather than undergoing cooking the candy on the stove, the Two Peas and Their Pod recipe blog, has provided a version that uses the oven and is completely foolproof. Traditionally, toffee recipes involve a sugar mixture being cooked to a certain temperature on the stove, which is essential to achieving the correct texture. Here, graham crackers are incorporated which eliminate the need for producing actual candy. Instead, these are coated with a sugar mixture and baked until crisp before being coated in chocolate. If you need a flavourful sweet recipe for your Valentine’s evening, a holiday gift or just to nibble on through the week, this easy toffee recipe will fit the bill perfectly.

The secret to the ease of this dessert is the graham crackers, which come in a box. Graham crackers are crunchy with a sweet honey flavoured undertone and are proportioned in squares which will make the toffee pieces the ideal size for serving. These crackers are what graham cracker crumbs are made from, which are great in pie recipes or bars where an easy crust is required. You will likely use most of the box of graham crackers for these fun desserts, but if you happen to have any left over, simply pulse in a food processor until fine, toss with some salted butter, press into a pie dish and bake as a vessel for lemon curd or coconut cream. The possibilities are endless as long as you have graham crackers on hand.

Although these easy desserts don’t require any actual candy making, you will still have to produce a syrup. The syrup is made by cooking brown sugar with butter until smooth, but you won’t have to worry about using a candy thermometer. Once you see the brown sugar granules have melted into the butter, you will know that the syrup is ready to go. The syrup gets poured over the graham crackers and baked until it soaks into the crackers and hardens. Once that is done, the residual heat from baking is used to melt chocolate chips into a smooth coating for the toffee. This toffee recipe doesn’t specify the kind of chocolate to use, but the best chocolate would be chocolate chips or chopped chocolate so that it is small enough to melt from the residual heat of the oven. Dark chocolate would be an excellent addition if you are looking for healthier chocolate that is high in flavonoids and lower on sugar, or if you just appreciate a bitter contrast to the sweetness of this dessert recipe.

For a pretty finish, this confection recipe involves a sprinkling of chopped nuts on top. Almonds or pecans are the ideal choices for this, but you can really use whatever nut you enjoy the most. This would be a great place to use up leftover nuts in your cupboard since they don’t stay fresh for very long. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or sesame seeds would be tasty additions to this dessert recipe too. Ideally, whatever nut or seed you choose, consider toasting them in a skillet until fragrant or in the oven. The taste of the candy will be so much better. Whatever combination you choose, the foundation of this toffee is incredible and will produce wonderful results for years to come. It will also make you appear like a candy baking pro to all your loved ones. Thank you to the Two Peas and Their Pod recipe blog, for sharing their easy graham cracker toffee recipe with us.

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