Easy Homemade Girl Scout Cookies

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You may not want to compete with the Girl Scouts when they are selling their cookies, but when you run out of the boxes you buy each year, then you can try these Easy Homemade Girl Scout Cookies. And this is a great recipe to work with that will produce delicious results that can contest the best of Girl Scout cookies that are around. This recipe starts with a peanut butter filling that calls for a natural peanut butter, which is great to see. The nutrition that peanut butter provides is of tremendous value to the kids, including the vitamins and minerals as well as anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories found in it. Even with the added sugar, the good fats, protein and other good components in peanut butter make it a great choice for the kids.

This cookie has a vanilla shortbread base, which means lots of butter and a crumbly texture and slightly dry flavor, the hallmark of shortbread cookies. If you want to slightly bump up the nutritional value of this cookie, substitute about one half cup of well ground oats for an equal amount of the flour. It will create a slightly heavier and more dense cookie, but one still with plenty of flavor and add something to slow down the sugar spike from the absorption of so much sugar and simple carbohydrates (in the white flour). The coating is chocolate, which you can, again, bump up in nutrition by choosing at least a 70 percent cocoa in the melting chocolate. Or at least combine that level of cocoa into whatever chocolate you do choose to use.

This is a lovely shortbread cookie topped by peanut filling and then covered in chocolate. The option of adding salt is also put forward, and that would make a great alternative. Still, as is, these cookies will have every one asking for seconds, and then thirds. Enjoy them soon.

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