Easy Honeybun Cake

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Try this Easy Honeybun Cake recipe and see just how easy it is to make treats and snacks that are yummy and that everyone at your house will really enjoy eating. This cake recipe really has three separate, but easy parts to putting it together. First, you have to make up the cake recipe itself. That is a straightforward and simple cake recipe that uses plenty of eggs and other good ingredients to provide great flavor and robust texture to this snacking cake. Then, you make a cinnamon swirl that gets dropped in spoonfuls over the cake. More cake recipe mix is put on top of that. So do you see how that comes together when it is baked? You will have lovely swirls of cinnamon and sugar interspersed with cake, but it will be a bit unpredictable where the next bite of cinnamon sweetness will come from. That will make the cake recipe a bit more intriguing and fun to eat. When the cake comes out of the oven, a swirl of frosting is drizzled over the cake, and you are done. This is a sweet treat that will work for an afternoon tea, or taste great with a steaming cup of java.

This recipe is quite easy and quick to make, so let the up and coming bakers put it together for you. It will take only a few minutes to make this cake, even though it is made entirely from scratch. They will enjoy the separate parts to making this cake, and have a lot of fun putting dollops of cinnamon swirl throughout the cake before baking it. the final drizzle of sweet icing will be the coup de grace for this little snacking cake recipe.

Some cakes can be quite complicated and take a lot of time, energy and ingredients to make. They can also often be very delicious and decadent. This cake recipe is much simpler, but as a result, it could be a bit more versatile. This dish could be served as a sweet breakfast, at lunch with yogurt and fresh fruit, or after dinner. Of course, it is always a welcome in between meal snack, and tastes great with milk, tea or coffee, and is a great pick me up when you need something to keep you going from lunch to dinner. It is also quick and easy to make, uses only the ordinary ingredients that you have in the cupboard, and can be made by any one in the household. You can dress it up or down, and add in other ingredients. These other ingredients could include chopped or grated apple, chopped nuts, or even chocolate chips sprinkled throughout the cake. Enjoy!

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