Easy Kielbasa Potato Bake

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I'm a meat and potatoes kind of person, specifically Kielbasa and baked potatoes. This Kielbasa potato bake meets all of my requirements.

Kielbasa has to be my favourite sausage. I grew up beside Polish Neighbors and they would smoke their own Kielbasa in their basement, so most days, when I would walk home from school, I could smell delicious smoked meats from a mile away. Simple meat and potato dishes were a mainstay of my very basic diet growing up, and though I've certainly branched out as I've gotten older, I still keep a warm place in my heart for simple starch and meat dishes done with a lot of flavour and done well. This is a simple dish, and I am a big fan of the don't fix something if it's not broken' mentality, but if I could make 2 small suggestions that I think would really do this dish and 2 of its star ingredients a big favour: 1) saute the onions before baking. I think sauted onions might be one of my favourite sides in existence and the frying pan and a little bit of butter just does something to onions that other cooking methods can't quite seem to match. 2) Whole, roasted garlic. I love whole, roasted garlic so much. Probably a little too much for most people's liking. But, in addition to the garlic powder the recipe calls for, I personally don't see any reason not to cut the top off a whole head (or however many you want) of garlic, brush it with a bit of olive oil and bake it right in with the rest of the ingredients. When the bake is done, take it out and squeeze those soft, caramelized, delicious garlic cloves out and shuffle them around throughout the bake. Just my two cents.

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