Easy Lemon and Coconut Cream Pie

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There are a multitude of cream pie variations but the most recognizable and probably the best pie recipes are of the Boston Cream Pie variety. Easy pie recipes are the ones favored by the majority only for the fact that they are basically easy pie recipes. This easy lemon and coconut cream pie can be included in the best pie recipes since it includes lemon and coconut in the mix and both ingredients are favorites of many people. The beauty of coconuts is in the fact that coconut calories are low and the addition of it in many recipes will not send the scale you step on into orbit. Coconut calories and lemon calories make this treat from Shannon’s kitchen a delight to make. Keep you options open since when making this recipe or any other one always allows for you to be creative and add and take away form the ingredients listed to make it your own personal recipe.

A cream pie is a pie or cake that is filled with a rich custard based filling or pudding made from milk, flour, eggs, and some type of cream. The pie can come in many forms and flavors that include vanilla, lime, peanut butter, banana, chocolate or coconut and lemon like this recipe. A feature that is common to all of them of all is the yummy whipped cream topping. The ones with custard filling are related to the French crème patisserie that is a major ingredient of various French cakes as well as tarts. It is a one-crust pie that can have many different types of crust. The crust may be the standard pie crust made with flour and lard, or one made from crumbled cookies, graham cookies and even Oreo cookies the choice is the bakers.

The owners of the Parker House Hotel in Boston and the namesake of the famous cream pie tells the story that the Boston cream pie was first made at the hotel by a chef named M. Sanzian in the year of 1856. The cake he created, that was originally named Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie was made of two layers of sponge cake and filled with cream filling and lightly brushed with rum syrup and topped with toasted sliced almonds and chocolate fondant. The usual and common known variety is likely derived from the Washington Pie that was a two-layer yellow cake filled with jam and topped with icing sugar. The pastry cream made of custard eventually took the place of the jam and the chocolate topping replaced the confectioner’s sugar. Today the version of Boston Cream Pie is topped with a rich chocolate glaze like ganache and sometimes-powdered sugar reappears and also cherry can be found. As of 1996 Boston Cream Pie has been officially known as the dessert of Massachusetts. Thanks to Shannon of the Cozy Country Living Blog for her yummy Easy Lemon and Coconut Cream Pie take on the cream pie recipe that so many love.**

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