Easy Loaded Creamy Baked Potato Soup

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Thanks to Michaela of An Affair From The Heart recipe blog for her Creamy Loaded Baked Potato Soup recipe. The name alone conjures up images of sizzling bacon bits, gooey cheese and fresh chopped green onion just like a recipe for a loaded up steaming baked potato. This take on the baked potato transforming it into a rib-sticking potato soup which is a comfort food for the soul anytime you need one.

Potatoes are probably the most used side dish from North America to every continent on this lovely planet. You can bake, fry, scallop, boil, roast, steam and yes even barbecue them. Being the fourth largest crop in the world, you better believe their flexibility in our numerous dishes make them almost indispensable. 99% or more of all the cultivated potatoes in the world originated from the varieties that were first cultivated from the lowland region of southern Chile. From there it has become a staple food in many different cultures around the world and will continue to please in many recipes including this offering. It staggers the mind to imagine that there are over 5,000 different varieties of potatoes in the world. Luckily Michaela has made it easy for you since she does not pigeon hole you to any specific variety of tater.

Potatoes are not always as simple as we think to cook. Yes, they are forgiving in so many ways, but you must also consider what and how you are cooking them. Some recipes like this one that incorporates the potato into a soup can use a wide variety of potato. The usual go-to potato is the russet since it is so affordable and plentiful. Yellow potatoes are also cost efficient and can be used in soups since they soak up liquid wonderfully. Recipes for potato soup usually call for a blender to puree the potatoes in the broth, but Michaela has created a recipe that keeps the potato in cubes and gives it that full meal look and texture. Cheese and potatoes are probably the soul mates of the cooking world. The variety of cheese and the availability of healthy choices in the mix allows for you to substitute for the variety and healthier options you are looking for.

Usually most soup recipes especially ones with a cream call for you to keep an eye on them over the stovetop making sure you don’t burn, overcook or under season them. Michaela’s creamy loaded baked potato soup recipe gives you the option of cooking it in a crock-pot, which we all know, means low and slow. You can load up your pot and let it slowly cook into a warm and tasty meal when the diners are itching for comfort. Alternatively, a good thick bottomed pot will also work and as far as recipes go this soup will stay well in the freezer and will reheat well if you don’t rush it since anything with cream in it will separate if not done slowly and lovingly. Enjoy this great take on the classic baked potato recipe.

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