Easy Luscious Lemon Pie

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This recipe for Luscious Lemon Pie introduces an interesting twist that you and your family might really enjoy. One of the liquids that is used to bake the pie is coconut milk. Coconut milk is rich and creamy, and when added to either savory or sweet dishes, adds a lovely undertone that can taste more or less strongly of coconut. Against lemon, this flavor will be fabulous. This recipe also gets a boost from sweetened condensed milk, in this case a commercial brand. This type of milk is basically concentrated milk, often also made with skim milk, with added sugar. It also contributes depth of flavor to this dish.

This dish is made using a pre-prepared pie crust. Blind baking is the process of pre-baking your crust, which is how you get this crust ready. You follow this process when are making a filling that could saturate and soak the crust, and so ruin it, or when you are adding a filling that does not require any baking (and so the crust needs to be ready for it). This recipe suggests using either store bought lemon juice or lemon extract. For a truly delicious pie, use fresh squeezed lemons only. Likely two or three of them will be more than enough for this pie. And the flavor difference is quite unbelievable. And maximize the coconut, too. In this case, more is better.

Finally, the recipe suggests that adding grated lemon rind is optional. But be sure to add it. The lemon rind adds real flavor punch. By using fresh squeezed lemons and lemon rind that is grated, this pie will be fabulous. This is an easy recipe, especially since you begin with a pre-made crust. If you wish, make your own. Some things, like luscious lemon pies, are worth the extra effort. Enjoy this dish soon.

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