Easy Mexican Chicken Lasagna

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Italian and Mexican have to be my 2 absolute favorite cooking styles. They both combine simple, hearty ingredients and both, being the familiar cultures they are, are used to feeding big families. This is Easy Mexican Chicken Lasagna that is fast, delicious and will feed a family when convenience is key.

I love fusion food. They let you combine the best of 2 different, but delicious worlds into one mouthwatering, hybrid dish. I had never heard of Mexican Italian fusion before, but in retrospect, it makes sense. Both countries with a rich culinary history and tremendous appreciation for food and eating. Both cultures where eating, more often than not, means doing so with a lot of close family. The author of this recipe on Menu Musings needed something fast, hearty and healthy to feed a houseful of kids and rather than hit the drive-through and her wallet (because lets face it, fast food has gotten expensive!) she opted for something quick, easy and sure to fill stomachs and came up with this dish. This Mexican take on Lasagna is essentially a lazy way of making enchiladas. It doesn't use traditional lasagna noodles, so it is a lasagna in design, more than it is composition, but it still combines the cheesy, saucy goodness of your typical Italian lasagna.

The recipe does call for canned ingredients, so although hearty and, for the most part, healthy, you are paying for the convenience factor with a bit of a compromise on the freshness. Thats not to say you cant go out and buy heirloom tomatoes and artisan cheese for this dish, by all means, make it your own, but functionality, on top of deliciousness, is the name of the game here. Serve it with some fresh lime and cilantro to add authentic Mexican flair.

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