Easy Mini Grasshopper Pie

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Do you ever wonder how things get their names? This easy mini grasshopper pie is just one such example, but what about mud pie or turtle pie? As curious as the names are, the pies are fabulous. Grasshopper pie is no exception.

This particular pie is also fast, easy and affordable to make. Even first-time pie makers should try this one. It takes only a few ingredients, too, although they might not be ones you keep in your home all the time. They are common enough that your local grocer will almost certainly keep them in stock. Still, go over the ingredients list on your way out to do todays shopping and be sure to stock up on the few things you need to pull together this really great dessert.

This dish is pretty enough to serve to guests, but dont wait for a party to make this pie. Try it out a few times on your family to be sure you get the timing down right. They will undoubtedly be willing helpers. You might even discover that the kids will want in on helping to make this pie, too, especially if it involves using spoons that will need licking clean later (and it does). Theres also plenty of work to crush Oreo cookies that little ones can help with as well as sprinkling Oreo chunks on top later when the pie is ready to serve.

This pie is lovely in summer since it is cool, creamy and refreshing. But dont hesitate to serve it in the winter as well with piping hot coffee or hot chocolate. After all, can there ever really be a wrong time to serve chocolate, mint, whipped cream and ice cream? The pie is made as single servings, which makes it visually appealing, too. Why not make it today? It will make your family very happy!

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