Easy Nacho Casserole

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Casseroles are a mainstay of dinner because they come together quickly and are a one dish meal. This nacho casserole recipe will have you rethinking just how easy casseroles are, though, because it comes together in a cinch with minimal chopping. Karly, the author of Buns In My Oven recipe blog, is obsessed with taco recipes and came up with this casserole as a means of marrying tacos with this classic one-dish dinner. Instead of using soft tortillas which are authentic to tacos, though, Karly used tortilla or Dorito chips. The chips are a good option here because they won’t become soggy from the other ingredients in this easy meal. For more nacho flair, Karly recommends garnishing the finished product with your choice of toppings, like guacamole or jalapenos. If you are like Karly, you must make this nacho dinner recipe for your family. It comes together in minutes and then it gets baked in the oven.

The term casserole comes from the kind of dish that is used. A casserole dish tends to be a large, deep dish that is safe to go in the oven and can be used on the stove. In North America, casserole recipes can consist of meat and vegetables cooked in creamy sauces to shepherd’s pie. The one aligning factor is that these dishes are always a meal in themselves and always baked. Karly has introduced a new idea into the realm of easy beef casserole recipes, by layering the meat with sour cream, cheese and Dorito chips. While this meal won’t be the healthiest, it will be a great addition to your roster of easy and delicious dinner recipes, because everyone in the family will love how it tastes. For extra added nutrition, simply serve this casserole with a green salad or wilted greens and make it a meal.

Ground beef is a classic for family recipes because it is accessible and everyone loves it. If you prefer, though, you could prepare it with any ground meat you like best, like turkey or chicken. The flavour profile will be a little different, but no less delicious than the casserole was with the beef. Alternatively, if you are into vegetarian food, you can substitute the ground meat with cans of cooked lentils, which would bulk up the fibre in this dish and make it a healthier dinner option. Lentils are often used as a meat replacement in vegetarian recipes because they are small, incredibly nutritious and have a meaty texture. Try replacing the ground meat with lentils, whether you are making a Bolognese sauce or a shepherd’s pie. Karly calls for Ro*tel, which is canned tomatoes that are seasoned. Ro*tel carries several varieties of canned tomatoes, each varying in heat level depending on the kind of chillies used, as well as smokiness, based on whether they were roasted or not. If you live in somewhere where you can buy this brand, go ahead and choose the spice level you prefer. If you can’t find Ro*tel tomatoes, though, substitute with any other variety of canned diced tomatoes.

Next time you need a quick recipe for dinner, make this nacho casserole, which its crispy chip layers and oozing cheese. The sour cream sauce will add a creamy richness, while the cilantro will cut through the cheesy taste and balance the meal. What’s more, this casserole is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to personal tastes. It can even be modified for a vegetarian diet. Thank you to Karly, the author of Buns In My Oven recipe blog, for sharing her nacho casserole recipe with us.

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