Easy No Bake Chocolate-Raspberry Eclair Cake

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This website benefits from the contributions of—unbelievably—six sisters, so you know whatever you make from here will be utterly fantastic. So be sure to get the ingredients you need for this no bake chocolate raspberry éclair cake and eat it tonight.Chocolate éclairs are a traditional French pastry made with an eggy dough that rises very high when it is baked, called choux pastry. Once baked, the pastry is piped with a whipped cream filling that is often flavored. Sometimes more than one filling can be used. It is always topped with a chocolate ganache, and when you bite into an éclair, you bite in to a little bit of heaven.

This cake is an easy take on a classic dessert. It includes raspberries, which are one of the healthiest berries on the planet. In addition to the vitamin C they contain, raspberries are choc-a-bloc with antioxidants. To get their full and complete health benefit, it is important to eat raspberries when they are entirely ripe and as fresh as possible. Consider an afternoon at a U-pick near you, and take the family along. You can spend a few hours enjoying the summer sunshine and then head home to make this dessert. The Six Sisters also recommend frozen raspberries that have been thawed if you cannot find fresh or if they are not in season when you make this cake.Chocolate complements raspberries beautifully. Their tartness is really nice against the richness of chocolate. This recipe calls for chocolate graham wafers plus more chocolate in the filling. So if your family loves chocolate they are in for an extra delight tonight.

This recipe might be a great place for beginning bakers and cooks to start. Most of the ingredients are pre-packaged and for the stove top a bit of oversight is probably all that is needed. Layer the various parts in a glass dish so you can see the pretty results of this treat. Refrigerate this dish for at least four to six hours, or overnight (if you can keep the kids and family out, that is!). Enjoy this dish!

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