Easy Oat and Berry Bars

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If you would like to have a dessert recipe that is equally good for breakfast, this easy oat and berry bars recipe will become your go-to. These bars don’t contain any refined sugar and are gluten-free since there are no wheat products. Instead of the refined sugar, Krista, the author of the Joyful Healthy Eats recipe blog, sweetens with a small amount of maple syrup, but there is also plenty of fruit in the form of banana and fresh raspberries. These healthy breakfast bars are also dairy-free because they don’t contain any dairy products like milk or salted butter. As a result, these bars are not only a flavourful treat to have for breakfast, as a snack, or for dessert after the main meal but are also ideal for sharing with anyone you know.

Krista mentioned that her family enjoys breakfast bars in the morning, but they are usually from a box, and she wanted to provide them with something that is homemade and delicious. Store-bought breakfast bars can be good for you, but so many include hidden sugars and other ingredients you may not want you or your family to consume. For this reason, making your oat and berry bar recipe is a wonderful choice, because that way you will know what is going into them precisely. These bars contain ingredients anyone would be happy eating, including fibre rich flax seed, oats, cinnamon, banana and raspberry. Every ingredient is recognisable and packs nutrition into this healthy fresh berry dessert. Since eating plenty of fibre is so important to the digestion system, as well as to maintain a healthy weight, starting the day with oats is an excellent decision. Krista uses oats in two forms; one as whole old-fashioned oats and the other as oat flour. Rather than purchasing both, simply buy the whole oats to complete this berry dessert recipe. They can be placed in a blender or food processor and be ground into a fine powder for the oat flour component of this easy breakfast recipe.

Since there is no butter or sugary syrups in this dessert recipe, you may be wondering what binds the bars. The secret to binding the oat mixture to the crust of these bars is the bananas, which are mashed into a sticky paste. The coconut oil also adds moisture to bind the mixture together and is exceptional at promoting satiety so that you won’t feel cravings later on in the day. Healthy baking doesn’t have to be boring and should be satisfying to everyone without making them feel deprived. That is why this dessert recipe is so good; these bars fill you up with the oats and coconut oil, cure any sweet craving with fresh bananas and berries, and have a hint of salt for those who like a salty kick in their desserts. With the benefits of nutrition and deliciousness, make sure to bake more than one pan of these tasty treats.

If fresh raspberries are out of season, you can still make this fresh berry dessert recipe using frozen raspberries instead. Frozen berries are often an economical and tasty choice during winter when fresh fruit isn’t as ideal. This bar recipe is a great place to use up blackened bananas you may have stashed in your freezer as well or need to get used up quickly. These bars will be a great substitute to banana bread for using up bananas, especially if your family has banana bread often. Thank you to Krista, the author of the Joyful Healthy Baking recipe blog, for sharing her easy oat and berry bars recipe with us.

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