Easy One Pot Lasagna Soup

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Easy One Pot Lasagna Soup takes the concept of lasagna and turns it in to a quick and easy (and yummy) soup. So when you do not want to take the time to make a full lasagna casserole, try this simpler and easier way to get the flavor of the dish. The nicest thing, perhaps, about this dish is that you get all the stuff that makes lasagna great in the soup without any of the hassle of pre-cooking the lasagna and tediously layering all the meat and cheese and other layers that make up this fabulous dish. But you do get all the flavor and texture of that great recipe.

This plenty uses lots of great ingredients, especially two from the Allium family of veggies. That family includes garlic and onions (and also shallots and leeks, among others). This family of veggies is particularly healthful and chock full of good things for us. That is probably why these veggies are particularly emphasized in the winter as they offer up so much preventative health. Garlic is an especially important member of this family of veggies. When you use garlic, allow it to sit for a moment or two after you chop or crush it. That allows the alliinase, the important component in garlic to become to react with air and reach its full potency. Cooking the garlic too soon, or changing the ph by adding vinegar or lemon can halt the action of this ingredient. So wait a bit on using it right away. Garlic does a few special things for us including helping us to metabolize iron better and take up selenium. As well, garlic may interfere with the cells that cause obesity by inhibiting the cells from forming. So garlic is quite an amazing vegetable, and one to eat often.

Eat this soup when you need something really filling, comforting and hearty for dinner. This dish will fit the bill on every count.

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