Easy One Pot Taco Casserole

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This one pot taco casserole recipe is an easy meal any night of the week. The recipe has the perfect amount of spice and ground turkey, chili beans, taco seasoning, and plenty of cheese. This comfort meal is great for leftovers with some chips as a dip idea. One pot meals are a great way to save time in the kitchen, with fewer dishes and clean up afterwards. This casserole recipe is layered in a large skillet and made on the stovetop. You don’t even need to turn your oven on for this casserole recipe. Start by browning up the ground turkey or ground beef if you choose. Then cook the peppers and onions in the ground turkey, then add the beans and the seasoning. The last step in this casserole recipe is to add the corn and cheese on top. For the full step by step instructions for this one-pot casserole recipe, you will want to take a look at the Crazy For Crust site.

Using turkey in this one-pot taco casserole recipe is a healthy protein source. There are about 32 grams of protein in a four ounce serving of turkey, which makes turkey a very good source of these essential amino acids. Just one serving of turkey in a casserole recipe or food idea provides 65 percent of your daily recommended intake of protein. If you eat a turkey sandwich for lunch, then you'll almost have your daily protein covered. The protein content in turkey makes it a healthy meat choice. Turkey used in casserole recipes and food ideas is a lean protein choice. And although not too many people are too worried about how much fat they are consuming over the holidays, it always a good idea to watch your weight and to keep an eye on your what you eat now and then. For those who are trying to enter the New Year feeling healthy, turkey is a good choice because it is naturally low in fat and is very lean. And while the skin don turkey does contain fat, you can easily remove the skin, which leaves you with a lean meat underneath. Turkey is even leaner than chicken, and that is why it needs so much butter to help make it tender. Another great thing about using turkey in recipes is the fact that, with all those leftovers, you can use turkey in salads, sandwich recipes, curries, and stir-fry recipes.

Turkey is a lean meat that also has selenium. Selenium is a mineral that is vital for the activation and the regulation of the thyroid, which is very important for people who are looking to maintain their weight. Turkey meat is naturally high in selenium, which also functions as an immune system boosting antioxidant. A typical serving of turkey will provide about 50 percent of adults daily recommended intake. Turkey is also good for your bones. When you think of minerals that play a key role in bone health and density, you usually think of calcium. And while that is true calcium’s main benefits are involved in both bone and teeth health, there are other minerals in turkey that are also important. One of those minerals is phosphorus, with turkey providing close to 200mg, making it great for the teeth and bones. Turkey also has plenty of B vitamins which are crucial for energy production, and it is particularly rich in Riboflavin,

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