Easy One Skillet Meal Hearty Italian Sausage and Potatoes

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The skillet is an old and tried and true cooking implement. And this recipe uses it to produce an Easy One Skillet Meal Hearty Italian Sausage and Potatoes. A skillet is sort of the precursor to the casserole, in some ways. What ever is made in a skillet is usually an easy meal, combining ingredients in a way that is unique to the cook using the skillet, and where proportions and ingredients are fairly free and easy to include or exclude, as they may be available at the time. Casseroles are similar. They can be very simple blends of ingredients the cook favors and then simply pops together and bakes. In both cases, it is the ease of cooking that is favored in this method of making a meal. That does not mean any compromise on flavor, of course, and a cook who can make a tasty meal from a skillet is a good cook.

Here Italian sausage and potatoes are high lighted in this dish that also includes chicken and a whole host of Italian seasonings for flavor. Of course, plenty of fresh tomatoes are included in this recipe for taste, color and moisture. Together, these ingredients form a great meal, complete just as it is. You might be tempted to use a regular onion in this recipe, and that would be okay, but if you want to spend a little bit more money, use the sweet onion. Its flavor is sweeter and more tender, and the visual effect is a bit different if you use this onion than the more common yellow onion that most of us keep at home.

So try this recipe, and enjoy it for dinner tonight. It is a quick and easy and also an economical dish to make. If you like, let your up and coming cook try his or her hand at it. It is a skill to learn how to make a great dish in one pan, and this is an opportunity to try and do so. Enjoy this dish soon.

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