Easy Oven Baked Spicy Chicken Tacos

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If you are looking for family friendly meal ideas and meals that can be family fun in making then your search is over. Becky brings you a recipe that gives you the chance for taco time taco Tuesday or Wednesday or well just about any day. Family fun and good times can be had with these types of recipes since everyone can be included in the preparation and the building of the taco. A mess yes you can expect that but this will make your family friendly meal ideas list and you can make it a taco time taco Tuesday’s weekly event. Family and food have always been a time to bond and get to know each other since we all have our own things and sharing them with each other is always nice especially when doing it over a meal. This recipe from Becky can get the whole clan together and enjoy contributing to the offering on the table.

Beginning in the early part of the 20th century, many different types of tacos have become popular all around North America. An early appearance of a description of the taco in the United States was in a cookbook from 1914 in a Californian Mexican Cookbook by Bertha Haffner Ginger. The style that has become most common is the hard-shell, U-shaped version described in a cookbook named The Good Life New Mexican Food published in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1949. Even non-Mexican oriented fast food restaurants have sold tacos and they are now common in many places around the world. This type of taco was helped by the invention of devices to hold the tortillas in the U-shape as they were deep-fried and commercially sold. Such tacos are crisp-fried corn tortillas loaded with seasoned ground beef, cheese, lettuce, and sometimes tomato, onion, salsa, sour cream, and avocado or guacamole. A California take on the crispy fried taco that is extremely popular and wherein the corn tortilla is fried or deep-fried in oil is a type that might not be the healthiest because of the frying but can also be baked. The meat can be just about anything such as ground beef, marinated skirt or flank steak, shredded beef, chicken or pork or you can keep it vegetarian. Ground beef is generally diluted with refried bean paste or potato and heavily seasoned.

The meat is generally topped with jack or cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato (and sometimes avocado and sour cream), with salsa on top. Becky’s recipe calls for the hard shell taco but you can make it with a soft shell or even use a wrap to make it into burrito form or it is also great on its own.Thanks to Becky of The Cookie Rookie for her yummy Easy Oven Baked Spicy Chicken Tacos Recipe. When it comes to the vessel for the entire oven baked goodness you are not confined to using taco shells since there are a wide variety of wonderful ways to load this yummy goodness into something you can hold and munch on. Bon Apetit. **

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