Easy Overnight Breakfast Enchiladas

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There are several times in a year where people like to host a special breakfast or brunch, whether it be for when guests are staying over, for Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter. The only thing is that those mornings tend to be busy and it is often helpful to have a fast, easy meal ready to go for breakfast. This easy overnight breakfast enchiladas recipe will be your answer because everything can be prepared the night before placing in the fridge overnight. In the morning, you just have to pop it in the oven and bake until set and golden. This baked enchilada recipe comes from Krista, the author of the Joyful Healthy Eats recipe blog where she specialises in creating healthy meals. Although this breakfast recipe definitely has plenty of the good stuff, like bacon and cheese, these are rounded out by nutritionally dense ingredients like eggs, chopped bell pepper and avocado. If the zesty flavours of Mexican cuisine, the mixture of flavourful and healthy ingredients, and ease of preparation sound good to you, then try this casserole recipe for your next breakfast or brunch.

Easy casseroles should always be delicious but should never be overly prep heavy. This breakfast casserole recipe doesn’t have a lot of steps, so it will be fast enough for you to assemble the day before you intend to bake it. The filling containing meat and vegetables are sautéed until cooked through before being rolled in tortillas and laid in a casserole dish. The egg mix is simply whisked and poured over the tortillas, and then the casserole goes into the fridge for use the next day. Krista makes the remaining time in the kitchen extra easy by using a prepared red enchilada sauce rather than making her own. Of course, with all the richness provided from the ham, bacon and cheese, the secret to balancing this dish out is the addition of fresh toppings, like avocado, green onions, and fresh salsa. In the case of these toppings, you may want to wait until morning to chop them since the avocado can brown quickly.

One thing about making breakfast recipes for guests is that you may encounter people with restricted diets. In a situation where someone can’t have dairy or is a vegetarian, Krista’s enchilada recipe can still be followed for inspiration but with a few substitutions in mind. If you encounter someone who is lactose intolerant, simply replace the 2% milk with soy or unsweetened almond milk, which both have delicate flavours. In the case of the cheese, there are several lactose-free options on the market, or you can purchase a vegan cheese which doesn’t have any dairy. If you encounter someone who won’t eat meat, just replace the ham and bacon with finely chopped mushrooms, sweet potato or butternut squash to achieve a meaty texture to this breakfast casserole recipe.

If you adore casserole recipes because they can be made ahead and are delicious, this one will become a favourite to make whenever you want a nice breakfast on the weekend or for a holiday. In fact, it is so good; you may start making it for dinner as well. The combination of classic breakfast flavours like egg, bacon and ham, with Mexican flavours like jalapeno, avocado and enchilada sauce make this casserole recipe an incredibly flavourful breakfast for those who love spicy and savoury foods. Plus, even kids will enjoy the combination of ingredients in this breakfast dish. Thank you to Krista, the author of the Joyful Healthy Eats recipe blog, for sharing her easy overnight breakfast enchilada recipe with us.

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