Easy Peasy Custard Pie

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Mixtures of eggs and milk which are thickened by heat have long been part of the French cuisine. The origin of the English word custard came from pastry baked custards which were very popular in the Middle Ages. Croustade is the French term which originally referred to the crust of a tart and derived from the Italian word crostata. Custard pies are known to be quick and easy pie recipes, and as far as easy pie recipes go, The Southern Lady Cooks food blog has created an Easy Peasy Custard Pie recipe that even says so right there in the name! You can start off by buying a ready-made pie crust as the recipe suggests which will cut the time in most quick and easy pie recipes, however if you google healthy homemade pie crust, many will pop up that are so simple. Easy pie crust recipes will not only do your body a favor by being all natural but will only add five minutes to this Easy Peasy Custard pie recipe process.

Another option for this Easy Peasy Custard Pie recipe is to eliminate the crust all together and cook the custard in ceramic portion sized ramekins and can be eaten with a spoon. This option works well when hosting a dinner party and entertaining guests. If you choose to go crustless, bake for one hour at 325 degrees and if it’s pie crust all the way for you, then bake at 425 degrees for 10 minutes and reduce to 350 degrees for another 50. Custard has to be one of the most easy dessert recipes to make in a variety of flavors and is something you can do with this custard pie recipe which will have your family and friends thinking you are a pie expert. Bananas are a great addition to custard, and all you would need to do is add six ripe mashed bananas to this recipe to make it a banana custard pie recipe. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Add in 5 tbsp of cocoa powder to the custard for chocolate custard. Adding 1 cup of orange juice and the zest of 1 orange peel will make a fruity orange zinger custard. Add the cocoa for a decadent chocolate orange custard pie recipe. Do you need easy dessert recipes for a particular occasion? Try adding 4 tbsp of coffee liqueur like Kahlua or Tia Maria or an even creamier flavor with Baileys, it will be as though a professional chef came and prepared it in your kitchen themselves!

Now that you have the option to create quick and easy pie recipes in every flavor under the sun, what would taste delicious and top off this Easy Peasy Custard Pie recipe? Why some homemade whipped cream dolloped or drizzled on top! Just mix heavy cream and powdered sugar together until it reaches the appropriate texture and voila, a dessert that is without a doubt sure to please. There is nothing but thanks going out to The Southern Lady Cooks recipe blog for sharing this Easy Peasy Custard Pie recipe. **

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