Easy Potato and Chicken Enchilada Casserole

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Potatoes can work with almost anything, and they sure do their job in this recipe for Chicken Enchilada Potato Casserole. A casserole is an easy and forgiving dish to make under any condition, but this dish is super easy. Just pull together the various parts, layer it up, bake and enjoy what you have made. It is really just that easy. Potatoes are a great food that complement cheese and chicken beautifully. So this dish will be tasty and appeal to every one in the household.

Use pre-cooked chicken if you are in a rush; otherwise, cook a whole chicken so you get a moist and lovely blend of white and dark meats in to this dish. The cheese can be any to your liking (and your family’s) so choose lots, or go with what is recommended in the recipe. Corn kernels, black beans and a few other ingredients are included here, too, and they add color, texture and taste to this great dish. As well, of course, beans are an excellent source of nutrients, including protein and carbohydrates. They also help the digestive tract stay in good working order. And every one loves corn. It is a pretty vegetable, and sweet to the taste as well as full of juicy flavor. Plenty of great seasonings round out this dish to give it some heat and plenty of flavor and full body.

A commercial enchilada sauce makes this a quicker recipe to pull together than if you had to make that from scratch. The chicken, corn and beans are put on the bottom, smothered in sauce, and then cheese. The potatoes make a pretty formation on top of everything. And don’t forget the other spices in this great recipe. Enjoy this dish soon, and have it often. It is cheap, quick and convenient, and one that your entire household will enjoy.

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