Easy Potato Salad

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Don’t let the word easy in Easy Potato Salad recipe fool you into thinking it’s an average salad recipe. The truth is, this recipe will become your staple if you stick to the basic rules of making a potato salad. The potatoes are cooked until creamy and then tossed in the dressing that uses a variety of spices and condiments like freshly ground black pepper, pickled gherkins, Dijon mustard etc. Usually, in the salad world, the norm is that most of the time the best healthy salads also turn out to be easy to make. Talk about comfort foods that need not be elaborate with an endless list of ingredients. This potato salad recipe is also very filling and budget-friendly to feed a large crowd. Here’s a perfect tip to make a potato salad work in your favor every time, always toss the potatoes in the dressing while they’re still warm. This method will keep the potatoes moist and prevent them from drying. You can make this easy salad recipe to go with grilled meats or great even if you want to eat it on its own.

Potatoes always find their way into the menu one way or the other. In fact, when you think of comfort food, nothing sounds better than a dish made with potatoes. Unfortunately, potatoes over a period have gained a bad reputation for being part of a starchy food list, but in reality, potatoes are typically fat-free, gluten-free and cholesterol free. There are many potato nutritional benefits including potassium, iron, and vitamin c. Potatoes also have the kind of essential carbohydrates your body needs. Did you know that one serving size of six small potatoes has an approximate of 120 calories? That’s pretty fantastic compared to eating refined carbs like bread or pasta. With all the essential nutrition in potatoes, it's a good idea to include them in family meals.

The best part about this delicious Potato Salad recipe is that you can change it up the way you want it. For example, in the place of mayonnaise, you can try other interesting salad dressings like Ranch, Italian or Thousand Island. A healthier option if you want to cut down extra calories is to use Greek yogurt in the place of mayonnaise. You can add other kinds of spices and herbs like cayenne pepper, oregano, Cajun spice, or even cumin powder. If you don’t have fresh herbs readily available, you can use Italian seasoning in this recipe. Spices have anti-oxidants in them, and just a pinch is a nice way of sneaking in the extra nutrition in salad recipes. If you like to add a bit of crunch, you can chop up red, yellow and orange peppers and add them to this salad. For protein, add black beans, chickpeas, fresh green peas or grilled chicken breast that will make it extra wholesome and nutritious. You can also add other healthy meat like shrimp, tuna or turkey to this salad.

This recipe for potato salad is not only one of the best healthy salads but also something you’ll want to eat when you’re at home with family. Thank you to Michele at the Flavor Mosaic food blog for sharing this tempting Easy Potato Salad recipe with us. For more healthy dinner ideas, do check out Michele’s blog where she shares her recipes to make best healthy salads or even desserts. This potato salad recipe is a refreshing side dish that adds up new flavors to make it a comforting family meal. Try it, you’ll be surprised how much you’re going to love this deliciousness. We promise!

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