Easy PVC Outdoor Dog Shower

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Showering your dog can be a real test of patience sometimes, especially when your dog doesn't enjoy baths. But it's something that needs to be done regularly. How often you wash your dog depends on how dirty your dog gets and how often. Usually, it's after a trip to the beach or to the dog park after it's rained. Or in the springtime when it's extra muddy outside even in your own backyard. Even if your dog doesn't get super dirty, you're still going to want to wash it at least once every few weeks just to keep its coat looking nice and clean, and to keep your dog smelling good. So either you wash your dog in your own bathtub or shower, which can get really messy. Or, you take them to a self-washing dog wash station in your area. Or you can also pay a professional dog groomer to wash and groom your dog for you if you want. But doing it at home is obviously the most affordable way. Glen, a member of the Hometalk website, shares his genius method for washing his dog with his own diy dog washing station.

This station really makes washing your dog much easier than anything else. It sprays water in all directions over top of your dog so you can work in the shampoo and rinse it out after. The shower leaves your hands free, and it also provides a continuous flow of water as well. You can make one of these do it yourself home projects for your own dog and make your dog washing experience much more effective and efficient. The measurements of your dog washing station will depend on the size of your dog, but Glen has a pretty large dog and his measures 42.5 wide by 33.5 high and 33.5 deep. It's essentially a cube with no sizes on it made out of PVC pipe. Glen lists all of the specific materials you'll need for the diy project including the connecting parts to connect the pipes together and the connector for the hose too with an on and off valve to make it easy to turn the water off when needed.

So when you get all of your pieces, you'll want to cut them to size using a saw or a handheld pipe cutter. Then you put the cube of pipe together with the connectors and add the hose attachment for the water to flow in. Once you have the cube together, you'll add on a centre piece at the very top to add a middle shower head pipe to the shower. Using a chalk line, make straight lines on each of the pipes and then measure out and mark out dots 2 inches apart on all three of the pipes that are parallel to each other. Once you have your marks in place, you can then drill holes on the marks to create the shower head holes for the water to go through. Make sure you make them smaller so that you also get some decent water pressure. Once you're all done with that, just hook up your outdoor water hose to it and turn it on. Take a moment to swivel the pipes around and make them point in the direction you want them to. The best way is into the centre of the cube area where your dog will be standing when you're bathing them. When you have it all set up the way you want it, just bring your dog out and put it in the cube, turn on the water and wash them up. Try out this and more do it yourself projects from Hometalk.***

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