Easy Roasted Garlic Hummus

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Try this Easy Roasted Garlic Hummus recipe and even make your own roasted garlic before you begin this hummus recipe. Both of these recipes are very quick and easy to make, although you may find the ingredients a bit different if you are not accustomed to making this kind of food. That means it might be easier to practice mise en place with this particularly hummus recipe.

Mise en place is the practice of pulling everything out of the cupboards and fridge and lining them up in the order that the recipe calls for you to use them in a recipe. There are two reasons to do this process or follow this method. First, you know right away whether you have all the things that you need in order to make this recipe. So you will not get half way through a recipe and reach for an ingredient that you thought you had only to discover that you are all out. Second, you will not forget to use an ingredient. If all of the ingredients are in front of you in the order that you are to use them for the recipe, it is unlikely that you are going to skip any ingredient that you need.

Of course, to make the roasted garlic is pretty easy and you might not need the practice of mise en place to get that right. For the roasted garlic, just peel off all of the loose skin that is always on garlic, then chop off the top of the garlic. Cover that open top with lots of olive oil as well as some salt. Bake about 400F for up to forty five or so minutes. Check to see if it is done by prodding with a fork. It should be very soft and tender and mushy.

This is what you use to make the garlic hummus. The original hummus always has garlic, but often that garlic is added raw and not cooked. The cooked garlic has a somewhat softer flavor than the raw garlic, although plenty of people really like the bite that real garlic has to offer. So you can choose which one you want to use for your hummus. Hummus today is also made with lots of other added ingredients that makes it a much more interesting dish than its simple original (which is delicious). You can get red pepper hummus, which has a lovely snap to it and plenty of other fun variations on the hummus. It is a lovely and quick and easy dish to make that you can serve with almost any thick bread, pita bread, or veggies and fruit (like apples). They all taste delicious with this dip.

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