Easy Saltine Toffee

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This Easy Saltine Toffee recipe is, like the recipe title says, easy to make. And the toffee recipe offers plenty of options on how this saltine recipe can come together, so you and the kids can have lots of fun deciding which ingredients you wan to use and how you want to layer them and put the whole toffee recipe together. The base for this recipe is saltine crackers, which immediately suggests that you could use almost any cracker or cookie that you might like for the base. As well, several types of chocolate are suggested including milk, semi-sweet and white. So depending on which chocolate you choose, you could get a quite different result from your combinations. So let your imagination go free, and let the kids help in choosing how this fun toffee recipe will come together. They are gong to be the ones who eat it, so why not? And it will be plenty of sweet fun for everyone, no matter what ingredients you use for the saltine toffee recipe.

This is a very quick and super easy toffee recipe that simply layers chocolate chips of your choosing with a butter and sugar mixture that is then baked. Once out of the oven, peanut butter is spread over the cracker and sugar mixture, chocolate chips are added and the whole thing is baked again. So the oven work will require some time and patience, especially since you are working with hot pans and need to be careful in that regard. But each time the toffee recipe comes out of the oven, and another layer of yummy stuff is added, the kids can do their thing. One suggestion might help with the hot pans is that you could have the kids wear long sleeves just in case their arms get too close to the pans. This might help allay concerns about pan burns, which can really hurt.

One nice thing about using the saltine crackers for the base of this treat (besides just how affordable they are) is the saltiness that comes from the cracker is a lovely contrast to the sweetness of the other ingredients. Saltiness and sweetness are two flavors that really taste great together, with the salt providing a nice break in the sweetness and also newly emphasizing the flavor of the whole snack. This blend of salty cracker, peanut butter, and whatever chocolates you include will provide a great combination of fun flavors and textures that everyone will enjoy. And it will not take much time and effort to make, but it will provide everyone who helps out, with a lot of fun for an afternoon. Enjoy this great easy saltine toffee recipe soon with your kids.

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