Easy Sausage Gravy with Biscuits

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Simple Sausage Gravy and Biscuits are a particular favorite in the Midwest. Almost any restaurant carries its version of this delicious and comforting food. And, although we can argue that we should limit our fat intake and go easy on the carbs, this dish sings your name whenever you see it. There is nothing like the comforting flavor and fill your tummy yumminess of this great dish. This dish includes ready made sausage that goes in to the gravy and so this gravy is really a meal all by itself. Poured over biscuits, this recipe becomes a true comfort food to serve your family. Serve this dish when the weather is cold and wet, and every one needs something warm and filling for dinner. Add some dark greens, or a salad, and this is a complete meal in just a few minutes.

This gravy is a milk based sauce and so it is much richer than one made from water. That is also partly what makes it taste so great. Milk adds a tremendous amount of flavor to any sauce or gravy, and is a great complement to the sausage used in this dish. You can probably choose any favorite sausage, including ones that are pre-spiced, to add extra flavor to this dish. The same holds true for the biscuits. You could make biscuits that have corn meal in them or wheat flour to add a flavor twist to this recipe. You choose.

Simple sausage gravy and biscuits are a filling and lovely food to serve either as a meal or as a late night snack. This dish is a comfort food, bar none, and can make people feel full and satisfied with just a few bites. Make it soon, and see how biscuits and gravy become a go to dish for you and your family.

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