Easy Shepperds Pie Recipe

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Try this Easy Shepperds Pie Recipe and enjoy a filling, balanced and satisfying meal. This dish originates with the English countryside. The first dish was called a cottage pie, and described any meat and potato dish that was put together in a pie and baked and eaten. Shepherd’s pie, originally, meant a pie that was made with lamb. Today, though, both names often simply refer to a meat with a potato topping, no crust below or above the pie and baked through. It can include any vegetables and sauce, if you like. If you enjoy lamb, of course, this makes a fabulous dish that you could serve to a dinner party. It is that good.

This recipe has lots of possibilities and ways to make it your own. Here an easy combination of meat, frozen veggies and seasonings are made up, a sauce is added in, and potatoes (and plenty of them) are piped on top to make a pretty casserole. There is lots of nutrition in the veggies, the potatoes and the meat, and the combination makes a tasty and nutritious meal for the family. It tastes great served piping hot from the oven, but is also great at room temperature. This casserole can easily be frozen as an entire dish or cut up and frozen as individual servings to reheat at work or school.

This is a great recipe that offers lots of goodness in the mix that you and your family will enjoy. A small serving makes a great lunch, or serve it up for dinner with an extra big piece. Either way, this Easy Shepperds Pie Recipe is just that, a quick and economical way to get a good meal in to your family at a price you can afford.

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