Easy Southwest Chicken Lasagna

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Here is a recipe for Southwest Chicken Lasagna that we are excited to share. Usually, the southwest type dishes like this would suggest tortillas be used in the layers but this one give us a Mexican flare using lasagna noodles.

There are so many wonderful ingredients hidden in the layers. The recipe calls for cooked chicken so if you have just had a chicken dinner and you have some leftovers, here is a way to use them up. There are also beans, corn, salsa, black olives, cottage cheese, sour cream, and cheeses to name some of the tasty flavors you can expect to find.

This is a 9x13-inch baking dish size recipe. It has a similar technique to other lasagna's, and you will find the instructions clear and simple to follow. This could be your next Mexican night dish. Because of the noodle in it, children like it a lot. Depending on the amount of people you are feeding, you could have leftovers the next day for lunches, or you could cut it up into portions and freeze to have available the next time a really busy day comes along, and you wish the meal was already prepared!

There are kidney beans in this recipe. The nutrional value of beans is so under talked about and under rated. Sneaking some beans into your cooking where ever you can means you are adding important protein and fiber to the families diet. Beans are mainly composed of a so-called slow-release carbohydrate. This means they take longer to digest. The longer digestion time, causes lower and a more gradual rise in blood sugar. More so than any other type of starch. This makes kidney beans a great choice for people that are dealing with diabetes and what foods they can eat. These are some good bits of information to know for your meal planning.

This featured Southwest Chicken Lasagna comes from Aunt Bee's Recipes website, and if you go to the link it will take you there and can get the complete ingredients and instructions.

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