Easy Strawberry Dessert

Photo Credit: The Southern Lady Cooks

This recipe couldn't be easier if you tried to make it easier, unless of course you just had someone do all the work for you, but where is the fun in that?! Check out this recipe for an Easy Strawberry Dessert that will have everyone eating it fooled you spend so much time and effort on it! This would be the perfect cake for a spring or summer gathering, with it's nice and light and fluffy pink colour, and it's light fruity flavours of strawberry, pineapple and vanilla ice cream! A little similar to a strawberry short cake, except with pineapple and an all pink strawberry flavoured cake.

Wouldn't it be perfect for a little girl's birthday, or maybe a boy who likes pink, there are no rules! Or a girl baby shower would be a nice occasion to make one of these. Maybe even Easter time, people would love to have this served up to them! I love any desert that has fruit as a part of it so I would probably go for this cake, especially in the summer time, even over my all time fave, chocolate, that can tend to be heavy in the summer months, when you just want lighter foods.

This cake is made using a premade cake mix, which usually I don't do, and would substitute a plain cake recipe for that. But if you are in a pinch and in a hurry, than why not just go the easy route? The cake mixes make it so easy to just whip up a cake in a matter of minutes and have it on the table and people fawning over it and how amazing it is. It can be your little secret all along! Want to make this super cute and yummy cake? Head over to 'The Southern Lady Cooks' by following the link in the description below!

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