Easy Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

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This recipe will fit nicely into your easy cupcake recipes repertoire. Cup cakes are great ideas for desserts since they are easy to make and if you feel so inclined you can have family fun creating them. This recipe from Jessica on cup cakes will definitely be something you can easily make and can substitute your own favorite fruit in the mix. Easy cupcake recipes like this one will have you ready to eat after less than an hour of prepping and cooking time. That is when the family fun can begin. Always remember when coming across a new recipe your fist direction should always be one simple thing. Always try to make the recipe your own by adding or taking away any ingredient that you love or replacing one that is not as healthy as you might like. Recipes are always meant to inspire and do not require you to follow every direction exactly as shown. Let recipes be your inspiration and not your perspiration since there are so many different ways to cook and to add to each recipe you find.

Strawberries are seasonal and when deciding to make this recipe or any other one that calls for them to be added always remember that most fruits are grown in many different seasons and when you are ready to make this recipe you might find that blueberries are in season and easier to come by. Practicality reigns in the kitchen and just always remember that fruits out of season usually cost more since they are harder to come by. Be flexible and use the seasons in your favor and the recipe will never know the difference. When you consider the many different varieties of fruit and the places they come from when out of season you will find yourself paying a lot more for one fruit rather than another. Most recipes out there for fruit based items will tend to be seasonal in nature. Most restaurants will have certain desserts only certain times of the year. Make your home the same and you will have fresher products and will save money.

Cupcakes have also been around for a quite a while. They have a longer history being that they were first mentioned in 1796 and were defined as a small cake usually made to serve only one person. Whether you serve more than one to a person is always up to you and the size of the cup cake. They are usually made just as you would a regular cake with flour, butter, eggs and sugar. The simplicity in the recipe is what makes these personal cakes so alluring and the reason why they have grown so much in popularity. Kids love helping out since they usually love the fact that you can put almost any type of topping on them to make them more delicious.

Thanks to Jessica of Swanky Recipes Blog for this yummy Another Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes Recipe that will have your kids and family jumping at the chance to be part of the experience. Bon Apetit.**

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