Easy Teriyaki Beef Bites

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Healthy beef stir-fry appetizer made using just one skillet? Yes, please! This Easy Teriyaki Beef Bites recipe makes the meat tender and juicy. When you add veggies like Green Pepper and Onion it will not only add to the nutrition but also enhance the flavor a little more. The sweet and spicy sauce Teriyaki sauce is thick and finger licking good with authentic oriental flavors in it. Nobody likes to eat takeout meals on a regular basis. Not only is it unhealthy but also gets boring after a while. That’s why this recipe is so special because it has all the home flavors and tastes better than the takeout food. You can eat these yummy beef bites served over noodles, rice, couscous or even quinoa. Easy dinner ideas are always convenient despite the busy weeknights especially when you want to give your family only the best meals. This recipe is great for freezing as well just in case you don’t want to cook on some days; you know you have healthy food reserved for you in the freezer.

If you want to make it a bit healthier, you can use lean beef that will eliminate most of the fat. You may also use other sources of meat like chicken or turkey breast or simply go meat-free using all veggies only. This recipe is all about the versatility so to speak so go ahead and use the ingredients that you want. In the place of corn starch, a healthier option you could use is either arrowroot or tapioca flour. For the sauce, go with a brand that is low in sodium or msg. Always read and compare food labels with other brands to choose the one that has fewer preservatives. For additional nutrition, add as many veggies as possible like mushrooms, broccoli, diced bell peppers etc. Dinner ideas with meat and vegetables make your mealtime wholesome and unique too. If you can handle more heat, you can also add some chilli powder or Sriracha sauce if you wish. Did you know the word teriyaki refers to shine or luster that shows on the meat from the sugar added to the sauce? Teriyaki style of cooking is one of the most original styles created by Japanese cooks way back in the seventeenth century. Today Teriyaki cuisine happens to be one of the most popular flavors around the world.

When working with meat, there are certain food safety handling methods that are unavoidable to prevent food contamination. You can prevent 80 percent of food-borne illnesses just by learning to handle meat the safe way. Simple and easy practices like proper means of cleaning your hands and sanitizing them before and after handling food, especially meat are critical. It is the only way to keep potentially dangerous bacteria out of your kitchen area and the surroundings. Consider wearing kitchen gloves if possible. To prevent salmonella always freeze the meat if you're not using it and do not let the meat sit at room temperature for too long.

Easy dinner ideas made at home that uses budget-friendly ingredients is worth all the effort because it feels like dining at a steakhouse rather than at your very own kitchen table. Thank you to Melissa at the Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen food blog for sharing this fantastic Skillet Teriyaki beef bites recipe with us. For more healthy and easy dinner ideas, do check out Melissa’s blog where she shares her passion for food and recipes. This easy Teriyaki beef bites recipe will make family dinners very special. Make this wonderful Teriyaki recipe for your loved ones today!

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