Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls

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Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls will come together, well, easily, this year when you use this recipe to make them. And nothing tastes or smells better (except perhaps the turkey, if that is what you make, or the ham or other fowl you might bake) on that day than the smell of fresh bread. In part, it smells so good because fresh bread says so much about home and family at a time of year when that is what we are thinking about and being thankful for. So the smell of freshly cooking bread can be a great one on that day. And this recipe can help you get there.

So how do you make Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls? Get them pre-made, of course, out of the freezer section at the grocery store. Then just sweep them with a few extra ingredients (especially butter) and bake them at home. They will taste fabulous, come together in a snap, and every one will enjoy them. Your young baker can even make these for you. The recipe is such a simple one, especially since you are not making any of the bread, and the additional things that get added can be done in a snap. So let the young ones have their hand on this one. It will free up some of your time to attend to the bird, veggies, salads, desserts, and all of the huge amounts of food that we seem to pile up and try to eat that day.

This is an easy way to have fresh rolls on Thanksgiving dinner. And the method is so simple that it can be handed off to the older kids who like to bake in your house to prepare for dinner. They will enjoy contributing to the meal, and be excited to see the great results that they get from this simple method and process. Enjoy these Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls this year, and then again next year, and the year after that. But you get the picture.

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