Easy Turtle Poke Cake

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This Easy Turtle Poke Cake recipe is outrageously decadent chocolate cake dulcified in creamy caramel sauce, and smothered in a generous amount of gooey satin chocolate frosting with a layer of pecans on top. There are so many fancy but easy desserts out there to choose from, but this Turtle poke cake recipe is a show stopper. It is one of the cool recipes for dessert to serve at parties because it is a fool-proof recipe. Not only is it incredibly moist and rich but also has that extra soft and light texture to it. This chocolate poke cake recipe is a beautiful way to show your heartwarming love for that special someone because it is one of the fancy but easy desserts to make. It is also one of the best kids birthday cakes you could make because what kid does not like chocolate?

Poke cakes are by far one of the most fun and cool recipes for dessert to make. Poke cakes are versatile and can be made using any filling such as pudding, caramel, mousse, custard, sweetened condensed milk, Jello, etc. Poke cakes have been around for quite a long time. You can be creative when it comes to poke cakes and make them either by combining different flavours together or you can keep it original by using just one flavour. When you poke holes in the cake make sure to reach the skewer all the way to the bottom of the cake and try to make as many holes as you possibly can. If you have a hard time getting the caramel sauce into the holes, try using a short Turkey baster or a spatula to press the pudding down into the holes.

In this recipe, you can use store-bought boxed chocolate cake mix or if you have a recipe for chocolate cake then go ahead and incorporate it by all means. You can use gluten-free cake mix as a healthy option. If you wish to skip the canned caramel sauce and make your sauce at home, then make sure that both the butter and heavy cream should be at room temperature or warmer. Otherwise, the caramel icing could harden up. When you’re cooking the caramel, you want to look for amber colour. Don’t let it sit on the stove for too long as it might get too dark or it could burn. The caramel when hot actually seems quite thin until it cools. You can add sweetened or unsweetened condensed milk to the freshly prepared caramel sauce just before you start filling the poked holes

Thank you to Kat and Melinda at the ‘Real House Moms’ food blog for sharing this devilishly delicious Easy Turtle Poke Cake recipe with us. Do visit their blog for more kids birthday cakes recipes or other cake recipes that are fancy but easy desserts to make. This Turtle Poke Cake recipe is a must eat for anyone who loves Turtle chocolates. Make this delicious treat today for loved ones!**

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