Easy Vegetable Chowder

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For those of you who love the richness and consistency of chowder, but perhaps are less keen on the fish itself, here is an easy vegetable chowder that provides the thickness and flavor without the fish. You can choose any favorite assortment of veggies that you like, although the recipe does make some recommendations. Follow them, but do not be afraid to choose your own combination. You might consider using at least one cup of each kind of vegetable, though, to be sure to show case all of them, and not to get lost in a kind of veggie pot pourri (although that could be delicious, too). In any event, the nice thing about soup is that there is almost no way to go wrong with it, unless you burn it. And even then, my burnt soups seem to get gobbled up with the same enthusiasm of just about any thing else on the table. That is the joy of having children and teenagers in the house; they truly will eat any thing if they are hungry enough.

There might seem to be a lot of ingredients to this recipe, but it is really easy to make. Just read the directions carefully before you begin so you know what you are doing. And, if you are using veggies that require a lot of peeling and chopping, get some help from the kids. They always enjoy chomping on the veggies as they peel, it is a great way to pass some time together. A couple of ingredients that could bump up the flavor a little bit include a few cloves of garlic just tossed in whole and either removed before serving or served with the soup and a bay leaf. Bay leaf adds a subtle but lovely flavor to any dish where it is found.

This is a lovely soup that is best served fresh. Milk based soups do not keep all that well, and they do not freeze particularly well, either. So make just enough for dinner, and perhaps a few extra servings for late night snacks. Enjoy this soup soon.

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