Easy was to clean your GRIMY oven hood ....

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We've all forgotten to clean our range hoods from time to time, and whenever it goes a long time without a cleaning, it can look pretty gross. Sometimes it can even be downright difficult to clean because of all the grease particles that get trapped on the top of the hood. This attracts more dust and dirt to get stuck on the range hood creating a sticky, dusty mess. The grease becomes like glue that is very hard to remove from the surface of the range hood, and you may even find it on your walls, cabinets and blinds in your kitchen too. Having a range hood fan is always a good idea since they can remove a lot of grease particles and excess moisture from your home. You will find that even though your range hood does a good job of sucking most of the grease out of your kitchen, there will still be a film left on top of it and on other items in your kitchen. This is why it's a good idea to give everything in your kitchen a wipe down regularly to stay on top of it all. If it gets away from you and you forget, that's okay too because there are some great cleaning tips and simple life hacks that will make it a lot easier to clean the grease and dust from your range hood. You may even have this ingredient that Heather from Setting For Four recommends you use, especially if you do paint your nails with nail polish. The ingredient is nail polish remover.

It turns out that nail polish remover can be used for more than just removing nail polish, it works great for lifting grease and dust from your range hood. To try this simple life hack make sure you use acetone nail polish remover and some cotton pads. Test an inconspicuous area on your range hood and then leave it for 24 hours to make sure that it has no adverse effects. If you test it and see that it doesn't react to the finish of your range hood, then go ahead and use it on the entire thing. Heather used it on her stainless steel range hood so it should be fine on that finish, but always best to check with your own first. Once you're sure, you can use it on your range hood take a cotton pad or a cloth and put a good amount of the nail polish remover on it and wipe the top and sides of the range hood. Also, make sure that the range hood is turned off as you're doing this. You'll be shocked to see how much grime and dirt comes off of your range hood. Since acetone is a solvent, it will help to lift and dissolve grease easily.

When you've removed all of the grease and dirt be sure to rinse your hood off with some water. The acetone will smell very strong too so make sure you open a window, and after you're done, you can also run your fan to air out the kitchen before you use it to make food. So in just 10 minutes or less, you could have a shiny, clean range hood that will make your entire kitchen feel so much cleaner. You can also use nail polish remover for other simple life hacks and cleaning tips like removing stickers from containers or to remove permanent marker off of surfaces. It can also dissolve super glue and clean patent leather shoes. Try out these cleaning tips and more from Heather's great website.***

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