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Why buy materials when you can get wood for free? One of the best sources of wood are used pallets. A pallet is a transport structure holds a lot of items so that they can be lifted easily altogether by a forklift, a front loader or a crane. They are usually made out of wood but can also be made out of plastic, metal or even paper, and serve to store items efficiently inside of shipping containers secured with strapping or plastic wrap. Before wooden pallets were used wooden boxes and barrels were used to package items. Most wooden pallets can handle 2,205 pounds at a time, and there are over a half a billion pallets that are made each year in the US. Pallets make it easier to move heavy stacks. They are also great to recycle and use in wood pallet projects. Pallet size is usually about 48 inches by 40 inches which almost makes a square, but in different countries, you’ll find different pallet sizes, and there have even been pallets made that fit through regular doors. You can learn where to get pallets in your own town or city so that you can use them in diy pallet projects. It’s pretty amazing to see some of the things to make out of wooden pallets, and people can be quite creative with them.

Since big box stores are the most likely place to find used pallets they are your best source for pallet recycling. Another good idea is to check construction sites as they see a lot of pallets when they are building structures. Always be sure to ask for permission to have the pallets though. You can easily get a few pallets in the back of a truck, van or SUV but if you have a car, you may need to borrow someone’s larger vehicle or perhaps you could even have them delivered to you if the person doesn't mind. Often people are just wanting to get the pallets off of their land or yard, so they will just let you have them for free. When you have some used pallets at your disposal, you’ll want to think of some pallets design ideas which you can find online through Pinterest where hundreds, if not thousands of people post their ideas for building with pallets. You can find anything from pallet coffee tables to a diy pallet sofa that could be used outside. If you don’t want to have to do extra work, try and find diy pallet furniture projects that don’t involve taking the pallets apart.

To build a pallet sofa, you can just stack and attach two pallets and then place one at the back for the back rest, and you have an outdoor lounger. You can then put some cushions on it to make it more comfortable and stylish. You can also stain or paint your pallets to match your other furniture as well. Other diy pallet furniture ideas include stacking three pallets on top of eachother and attaching them with screws, then paint or stain them and add wheels on the bottom. You will have yourself the perfect large pallet coffee table with some storage in it too. Other stuff to make out of wood pallets includes hanging them up vertically and then using them as storage or planters. Building with pallets when they are taken apart is also easy since it’s basically just wood that you can use to make pretty much anything. So look around for some of the best diy pallet projects online and choose a few that you want to create yourself and have some fun with them.***

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