Easy Zucchini Noodle Dinner

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Try this Easy Zucchini Noodle Dinner recipe and you just may make a few new fans for this simple and humble little vegetable. Zucchini is a truly amazing vegetable that grows like mad (crazy mad!) in our back yards every year, and that we disparage a little bit, and use as filler in so many cakes and other similar recipes. But zucchini has a lovely light flavor that, blended with the right spices and seasonings, can make a great noodle recipe, as it accomplishes right here in this recipe. The zucchini in this noodle dinner recipe is set against cilantro and lime along with great tasting chicken. The sharpness of the cilantro, and the tangy flavor of lime complement both the sultry flavors found in the chicken as well as the light flavor of the zucchini. In this noodle dinner recipe, the zucchini is also cut with a tool that allows it be chopped very long and thin, like spaghetti. If you do not own this tool, do not worry. You can simple chop the zucchini in the round, as usual, or if you feel ambitious, cut the zucchini longwise. You will not get it as thin or elegant as if you use this particular tool, but it will be quite close to the idea the recipe is shooting for, and the zucchini will look great in the dish.

This method of using zucchini as a sort of pasta substitute has been used to allow zucchini to substitute for spaghetti and other types of noodles. It is a great approach that allows you to eat a dish that seems to have pasta in it, but since the pasta is made with zucchini, there are actually no carbohydrates and almost zero calories. For people who are watching their weight or others who might want to control their carbohydrate intake, this method of preparing zucchini as a substitute for pasta allows them to ‘have their cake and eat it, too’ so to speak. For you, this can simply be a new and different way to make dinner. Of course, if you also want to limit simple carbohydrate intake, the zucchini is also a great way to go. And it can even speed up the dinner preparation since you do not have to cook any noodles, and zucchini cooks up in about two minutes (or even less when it is chopped in this manner).

This is a quick and nutritious noodle recipe dinner to make for everyone who pulls up a chair at your dinner table tonight. This recipe is a colorful blend of green and light golden brown and boasts plenty of smoky, spicy and other interesting flavors to enjoy tonight.

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