Eco Friendly Small Homes You Will Love

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If you are like most people these days, you have seen the shows featuring tiny houses and tiny home design. If you have found yourself even a little bit obsessed with small house living, here are some Eco Friendly Small Homes You Will Love. Starting out slowly, the tiny house movement has been gaining some big momentum over the past few years. Many people who chose to live in a tiny house just went about their business and built their own tiny house to live in to cut personal expenses and to live a more stress free, money centric life. Its just a fact that we all need money to exist in our present day and age, but we also need a roof over our heads and food to eat as basic human needs. In the present economy, there are many people who are finding it tougher to maintain the American lifestyle of bigger is better and more is better. So, people are turning to alternative means to meet their basic needs that helps them maintain a healthy balance in life.

Some people are just turning to small house living because they want to experience more in life, and have less material belongings. So they want to go small so that they can enjoy a different quality of life than they did when they had too much space and too much stuff. Enjoying the freedom that comes with having less belongings is something that is truly liberating. Other people are attracted to small house living because they are concerned about their carbon footprint and the impact that the American lifestyle is having on the environment. The eco-conscious person will use way less energy than a person living in a house that is twice the size, and take up a fraction of the space. So overall, you can see that there are different reasons for people choosing to want to live in tiny houses on wheels and tiny houses in general.

People can choose to build a stationary tiny house like the awesome one you will see on Earth 911, or, there is the option to build a tiny house on wheels. When you build a home like the Escape home, it is considered a park model, which is easily assembled and can be moved easily as well. There will, however, need to be permits for the building and moving of these park models, whereas with tiny houses on wheels, since they are built on a trailer on wheels, it is generally quite easy to move them around if need be.

Tiny houses on wheels can be around the same size as the Escape tiny home design too, measuring a maximum of 30 feet long, 8 feet wide and 13.5 feet high. This is just so that they can be brought on the highway without a permit or pilot drivers. Have a look at this tiny home design and become inspired by this smaller way of living.***

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