Edible Egg-less Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

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Have you ever set out to make cookies and found that you have eaten all the dough before you ever baked even a single one of them? Now you can indulge in your guilty pleasure with this edible egg-less chocolate chip cookie dough. This fun recipe removes the egg so you can feel safer about gobbling up the raw dough.

Always be careful about eating uncooked food. If you have any concerns be sure to cook the food first. This recipe does recommend that you freeze or immediately refrigerate the dough after you blend it. Some flour makers now put flour through a heat treatment in order to kill the possibility of it containing e-coli since so many people do tend to eat at least some raw dough. Be sure that you understand the dangers of eating raw dough and of allowing your children and other family members to eat it as well. And, although eating a bit of raw flour might not cause problems, beware if it becomes a habit you or someone in your family cannot give up.

Oddly enough, eating raw flour can become an addiction. On a recent episode of the television show, The Doctors, the compulsion to eat raw flour and other unusual things including chalk and dirt, was discussed. In some cases, this unusual behavior can arise when people become severely anemic. In addition to low energy levels, the woman who had sparked the discussion admitted that she ate up to two pounds of raw flour each day. It turned out that her levels of hemoglobin were almost 50 percent lower than normal. As The Doctors explained, if you find yourself or someone else eating things that seem unusual, go and have it checked out. Seems like good advice.

But if youre normal and you just cannot stand to wait for your cookie dough to get cooked before you eat it (like so many of us) this recipe is pretty easy to make. Little ones can help out by opening the chocolate chips or even taste testing as you blend. It is an easy, cheap and quick combination of ingredients, many of which you likely already have at home.

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