Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps

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If you are on the search for the perfect lunch, this egg salad lettuce wraps recipe will fit the bill. Bibb lettuce leaves are filled with creamy eggs with crunchy vegetables like red bell pepper and shredded carrot. Although less traditional than the usual method for how to make an egg salad sandwich, because it contains no bread, this version will be great for low carb eaters or those who are trying to limit their bread intake. The bibb lettuce leaves are soft and delicate in texture, but tough enough to hold the egg salad mixture in. Sheryl, the author of The Lady Behind The Curtain recipe blog, created this egg salad recipe because she wanted to limit her intake of bread products.

Lettuce is the perfect replacement because it is healthy, low carb and low in calories so you can fill up on plenty of the egg salad, with its high protein and abundance of other nutrients.

This is the best egg salad sandwich recipe because it plays on different textures and flavours. While eggs remain the star, Sheryl incorporates vegetables like red bell pepper and carrots, which add a crunchy texture to contrast against the soft eggs and creamy dressing. The dressing recipe is a mixture of mayonnaise and sour cream, which when combined, add a tangy and sweet contrast to the eggs and veggies. Sliced green onions infuse the mixture with a spicy complexity, turning this into the most addictive egg salad recipe ever. Just because this healthy egg salad sandwich doesn’t include bread, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. After all, the lettuce or bread is just a foil for getting the egg salad mixture into your mouth.

If you don’t have all the components in your kitchen to make this egg salad recipe, don’t worry, since they are easy to substitute. Instead of using red pepper, you can sub in whatever kind you have on hand, like green, orange or yellow. Rather than grated carrots, radishes can be added just as easily and add a spicy crunch to the egg salad. The sour cream adds such a nice tanginess to this egg salad sandwich recipe, but you can sub in plain, Greek yoghurt with almost as much success as you would with the sour cream. Bibb lettuce leaves are great in this dish because they are soft and easy to eat, but any lettuce leaf will work, such as green leaf lettuce or iceberg. Of course, you could always sub in bread or better yet, homemade bread, if you cannot lose it all together.

The next time you are looking for easy party appetisers, this salad recipe may be a perfect choice as well, since the wraps are easy to pick up and eat anywhere. Consider making them bite-sized, by tearing the lettuce into smaller cups and dolloping them with the egg salad for an extra easy to eat hors d’oeuvre recipe. These little bites will be so easy for guests to pop into their mouths and be the perfect snack. This easy meal is a great addition to kid’s lunchboxes too when you are looking for something healthy to send them to school with. Kids love the creaminess of traditional egg salad recipes, and this one won’t be any different, despite using a lettuce leaf rather than bread. If there are any vegetables in the mixture, they don’t enjoy particularly, just substitute them with something your child would rather eat. Thank you to Sheryl, the author of The Lady Behind The Curtain recipe blog, for sharing her egg salad lettuce wraps recipe with us.

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