Eggless Cookie Dough

Photo Credit: Lil Luna

Is your favorite bit of making cookies the part where you sneakily eat all the cookie dough, pretending that the worry of eating too much dough with raw eggs doesn't exist if nobody sees you do it? Well, Lil' Luna might just have saved you with her Eggless Cookie Dough recipe, or at least saved your conscious - no more pretending that you don't know where all the cookie dough went! Lilly, the creator of this creative recipe is a young girl breaking down the challenges of life, or the challenges of cookie dough lovers anyways. Her recipes don't just end with Eggless Cookie Dough either, she also has recipes for White Chocolate Cookie Dough Fudge and Cookies N Cream Fudge. Yum!

Don't stop your new creative way for making cookies just yet either. Simple modifications can be made to this recipe for the cookie dough lovers who might have a bit more to worry about than just raw eggs, such as gluten, dairy, or calories. Switching out common ingredients such as wheat flour to coconut flour; mini or regular chocolate chips to dark chocolate chips; dairy milk to almond or soy milk; or brown sugar to raw sugar are just a few examples of some changes you can do that will still result in an amazing dessert. And more importantly, a dessert you can openly share with that doesn't just involve the leftovers in the mixing bowl.

With just a few simple ingredients, a well-developed mixing hand, and a creative mind, Lily's Eggless Cookie Dough recipe could be just the dessert you, your friends, or your family have been long waiting for. Whether you decide to switch it up to your desire, or keep it simple, the ingredients and step-by-step guide is available on the link below at, Lil' Luna's website.

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