Eggnog Meltaways

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You know it's time for the holidays when eggnog is available in stores. People love enjoying some creamy eggnog over Christmas time. The classic beverage is made from milk or cream, with sugar, and whipped eggs to give it that thick and frothy texture. Many people drink eggnog combined with spirits like rum, or it's great served on ice with a sprinkle of nutmeg. In more recent years eggnog lates have become popular, as well as vegan versions of eggnog made with coconut milk or almond milk. There are also dessert recipes like these eggnog meltaways that call for eggnog in them as well as delicious eggnog cookies and cheesecakes. Like many people, you may wonder where the idea to drink eggs in milk came from in the first place. It's said that an eggnog-like drink called posset, which was a hot milk ale drink was served in medieval times. It was made from milk, eggs, and sherry which were considered to be items only the wealthy could afford so it was only enjoyed by the upper class. Then, in the 17th century, over in America since farms were filled with dairy cows and hens laying eggs, everyone enjoyed some eggnog now and then. Back then it was said to be made with a lot more eggs than it is now though.

If you love the taste of eggnog and just can get enough of it, these eggnog meltaways will be the perfect treat to add to your Christmas time treat tray. All you need is some eggnog, flour, cornstarch, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, powdered sugar, butter, rum extract, and vanilla. Then you mix together the flour, cornstarch, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Then beat the butter and powdered sugar with a mixer until they are fluffy. Next, you add in the rum extract, vanilla, and eggnog, and mix well and finally, add the dry ingredients until you have a nice thick dough. You make the dough into one inch balls and put them on baking sheets and bake them for 12-14 minutes, let them cool and then roll them carefully in the powdered sugar. The result will be a cookie that tastes a lot like eggnog with a light, melt in your mouth texture kind of like shortbread cookies which are also very popular at Christmas time. So if you like trying some new easy dessert recipes each holiday season, maybe give this one a try and see how you like it.

This would also be a fun recipe to make with kids. They could help mix the ingredients and then roll the balls and coat them in powdered sugar afterwards. Alyssa is the voice behind all of the recipes featured on The Recipe Critic. She started a blog in June of 2012 to share her love of cooking. She posts all of her favourite recipes on her website to share them with others and to keep them all in one place. All of her recipes are tried and tested by her, and her family so you know they've been approved. She also shares other recipes on her website including other dessert recipes, appetizers, main dishes and more. You can also purchase some of her signature cooking gear like cutting boards with her logo on them, aprons and even spatulas. She also has a salad container that's perfect for packing salads to eat on the go so you can stay healthy. Enjoy this and other easy dessert recipes from The Recipe Critic and be sure to save the ones you want to try out yourself. Then share your favourites with your family and friends.***

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