Elora Hardy: Magical Houses, Made of Bamboo

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The TED talks are famous for bringing new and exciting, sometimes difficult, but always challenging ideas to the forefront. In this TED talk, Elora Hardy: Magical Houses, Made of Bamboo, talks about these fantastic structures that soar high in to the sky overhead.

Elora Hardy is an architect whose inspiration for designing unique places to live came from her mother. When she was just nine years old, her mother asked her what sort of home she would like to live in. Elora drew the home, and it looked a lot like a mushroom. Then, her mother actually built it for her. From that early imagining, Elora has gone on to build extraordinary structures all over the world.

Elora builds her homes from bamboo. Bamboo is actually a grass that grows in unwanted places and under poor conditions where other things cannot be planted or grown. So it is a great and economical choice of material. It also grows quickly and so can be replenished without taking the many years of a tree.

She advocates the use of bamboo because it is such a sustainable product. Easy to grow, it can jump as much as one meter in just a few days, under the right conditions. There are more than one thousand types of bamboo, but only seven are used, all of them highly renewable, in building.

Bamboo is as strong as steel and compressible as concrete. It can take up to four tons on a single pole. Because it is hollow, it is light and easy to pick up.

This sustainable material creates extraordinary buildings of beauty and light. They are elegant homes with possibly infinite possibilities even for the west. There are some challenges to bamboo, including extending the life of the natural product. Some of these challenges have been resolved, and you can hear about those ideas at the TED talk.

Go to TED talks and watch the talk that Elora Hardy gives. It is an inspiration for anyone with an idea they wish to pursue and not sure how to begin.

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