Essential Knots: How to Tie the 20 Knots You Need to Know

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Knot tying is one of those great skills and simple life hacks that come in handy when you least expect it. Even if you know how to tye different knots, you might want to learn how to create a few other ones that can come in handy from time to time. The interesting thing is, there are certain knots that are right for certain jobs. Other knots might not work as well for certain things as others do so it's important to learn which knot to use for different things. A good knot can even come to saving lives in a survival life or death situation. The only thing is, you need to learn how to tie the different knots and remember what each of them is good for. This can take a while, but with some practice and persistence, you'll be a skilled knot maker. There's even an International Guild of Knots Tyers an online forum discussing all things knots. So if you're really interested in the art of knot tying, that would be a key place to go for information. Apparently, they've called the art of knot tying; Nodeology which is pretty cool. Outdoor Life is kind enough to share 20 essential knots. This way you can learn some of the most basic knots that will help you in various situations.

Each of the knots has a description of the knot and what it's good for and then they teach you how to create it. It might even be helpful to watch a video showing how to tye various knots because some of them can be fairly tricky. In this list of 20 knots, they start out with the basic knots and then go from there. The knots do get more intricate as they go along though, so you might want to start out at the beginning unless you're already a seasoned knot tyer. The first knot they show us is the Square Knot which is perfect for connecting ropes and tying off knots. So you can use this knot to make a longer rope, or you can also use it to tye around firewood to make it easier to carry. It's a pretty stable knot that is strong and durable. To make this knot you simply loop the two ropes or the ends of one rope around each other to create one large loop. This is a great knot to learn because other knots use this technique.

Two Half Hitches are easy to tie as well, and they are great for tying up tarps to create a shelter when you're camping, and also for hanging hammocks from trees. You wrap the rope around the tree or post and then loop it around the rope in the same direction twice then pull it tight. You can also use an overhand knot to secure the two half hitches in place.

Then you have knots that are only good for certain activities like the Fisherman's Knot, which, like the name implies is only good for using on fishing line which can actually be somewhat difficult to tie and secure. All you do is put the free end of the line eye of a fishhook, and then you'll wrap the free end of the line around the other end of the line twisting it around the line five times. Then, pass the free end of the line through the loop and tighten. These knots could also come in handy for certain diy ideas and crafts you make too like jewellery. Check out more simple life hacks and diy ideas on the Outdoor Life website.***

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