Everything You Need to Know About Cabinet Refacing

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When it comes to home renovations, many people like to start with the kitchen or bathroom, as they are the rooms in the house that see the most traffic. So you will want to take a look at Everything You Need to Know about Cabinet Refacing if you are looking to reuse your old cabinets and go with a fresh look. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home; it is the place that you and the family spend a lot of time in every day and the room in the house that gets the most amount of wear and tear. Completely replacing your worn kitchen cabinets is a huge expense and job, and one that not everyone is willing to do. Cabinet refacing has become an excellent option for kitchen remodels, a good way to recycle something you already have and save money in the process. Cabinet refacing is a popular option with better building materials and options that are more technologically advanced. Cabinet refacing will cost about half of what a total cabinet replacement would cost!

Cabinet refacing might be something to consider in your kitchen if you want to keep the same kitchen cabinet layout that you originally had, without moving any of the plumbing or electrical. It will also work for you if you want to add or reconfigure some of your kitchen cabinets with things such as extra storage or to add in a wine rack. Cabinet refacing is a good idea if your kitchen cabinets are in good shape and the cabinets are structurally sound. The cabinet boxes are the best candidates for cabinet refacing. If you are thinking about cabinet refacing its good to know that the knobs, hinges, pulls and molding can also be replaced to compliment the new look of the cabinets. You will want to budget for the new knobs, and hinges, as they can vary greatly in price depending on the designs and materials that are used.

Some of the good things about cabinet refacing are that no demolition is required, the cost of cabinet refacing is approximately half of the cost of replacing the cabinets, cabinet refacing takes a lot less time then having to do a whole kitchen remodel, cabinet refacing is easy to clean and maintain and can usually be completed in about a week. Cabinet refacing is an excellent option both as a green solution with no materials having to be thrown into the landfill and cost wise. Some of the cons of cabinet refacing are that no amount of cabinet refacing will help fix a kitchen that is poorly designed, and if you opt for more expensive veneer and hardware your cabinet refacing costs will be more.

Two options that you will have when it comes to cabinet refacing materials are wood and medium-density fiberboard also known as MDF. When you select wood cabinets for a cabinet refacing project, you will have different things to consider. You will have to choose from different types of grains, colors and types of wood, and whether you will want to go with a hard or a soft wood. When you choose medium-density fiberboard for your cabinet refacing you are choosing cabinets that are made from wood particles and resin. This type of cabinet uses uniformly separated particles that make a solid board that is smooth, extremely dense and solid, free of knots and variations in the wood. Hardwood might have variations in the wood due to grain and knots whereas MDF has no wood characteristics and is easy to paint. If using MDF, there will also be a Rigid Thermo foil layer that is bonded to the MDF, by using high heat and pressure. This is a popular option for cabinet refacing as there is less care and maintenance than would be required for natural wood cabinets.

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