Extra Crispy Chinese Springrolls

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Try this delicious Extra Crispy Chinese Springrolls recipe and see just how great the crunch can be when you bite down on this yummy and nutritious snack or side dish. And these Extra Crispy Chinese Springrolls recipe can be frozen until you want to cook them, too. Of course, like all things that you freeze, this Extra Crispy Chinese Springrolls recipe is not quite as fresh or tasty as when you serve it just after it has been made. Still, for the convenience, sometimes freezing your food is a great way to go. And this dish is one where you can make a real stack of the springrolls recipe at once, and that saves you a lot of time when you go to make dinner later. So enjoy this recipe.

This is one recipe where you might want to practice the French technique of mise en place. This French expression simply means to put in place, and in this context, that means to pull all of the ingredients out of the fridge and cupboards and set them out in order in the way that you will eventually use them in the recipe before you begin. There are two advantages to this approach. First, it allows you to check and be sure that you actually do have all of the ingredients that you will eventually need for the recipe. Second, when all of the ingredients that you are going to use are put in order you cannot possibly forget one or leave it out by accident. This is a great technique and one that is used by all of the best cooks and bakers to ensure a perfect result every time they cook.

This is also a delightful recipe in terms of its ingredients as well as its seasonings. There are some really delicious flavors including fresh ginger, which will give a bit of a bite to this recipe and shiitake mushrooms, which have a unique and delicate and exotic taste and texture. Use the fresh version, if you can find them, although the dried version is often much easier to track down. Even dried shiitakes, though, are a delicious addition to many different recipes. This Extra Crispy Chinese Springrolls recipe is chock full of good nutrition, and even though you fry them, the small amount of oil is a great addition to the low fat and pretty much zero fat veggies that are part of this recipe. Enjoy this recipe and have fun making it, especially if you have not made springrolls before or worked with wontons. It can be a very satisfying experience, and as you will see, a little filling will go a long way here. Enjoy them!

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