Extra Crispy Garlic Parmesan Roasted Red Potatoes with Homemade Fry Sauce

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Enjoy this Extra Crispy Garlic Parmesan Roasted Red Potatoes with Homemade Fry Sauce recipe that comes to you from the site, Chelsea’s Messy Apron. It is a two part recipe that starts with an extra crisply garlic parmesan roasted red potatoes recipe and finishes with a homemade fry sauce recipe. So from this site you get two recipes at one go, which is always great. Sometimes you find a recipe and it is great, but it needs something to finish it up. And that is what you get from this potatoes and sauce combination recipe. Both of these recipes, the potatoes recipe and the sauce recipe, are rather long and require quite a few ingredients. As such, you might want to practice mise en place for both of these recipes.

Mise en place comes from the French expression, meaning, to put in place. It is the way all bakers work because baking can be such a complex and exacting art, but it is also useful where recipes are long and somewhat involved, as in this dual recipe for potatoes and sauce. Mise en place means to pull out of the fridge and cupboard whatever and all of the ingredients that are being called for in a recipe, and to put them in place, in the order in which you are going to use them, in front of your work station (or kitchen counter, for the home cook). You make sure that all of the ingredients are lined up in exactly the order that the recipe calls for them. In this recipe, because there are two parts, potatoes and then a sauce, you would group the ingredients according to what you are making first. This method does two things for you. First, it helps you to know, even before you begin, that you do, indeed, have all of the ingredients on hand that you need for both recipes. So you do not get part way through a recipe only to discover that you are missing a critical ingredient. Second, it makes sure that you do not forget to add something or add it twice. You have all of the ingredients that you need lined up in front of you and then you just use it and move it back and out of the way so you know that you have used this particular ingredient. This method is both easy, and very useful, to any baker or cook. And in these two recipes, it will be very useful. So try this approach with these two recipes, and you will see just how valuable it can be. Enjoy both the potato recipe and the accompanying sauce recipe. You know that your family will love it.

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